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Delivery Services

We'd like to introduce you to YFE21.COM and our ground expedite services which provide immense value; whether you operate alongside oil refineries, oil sands, gas wells, pipelines or plants – we can provide your YOU FIRST EXPRESS TRUCKING solutions.


YOU FIRST EXPRESS TRUCKING isn't just our name but it is the definition of what we do with focused logistics, professional drivers and deeply experienced staff each equipped to bring you winning YOU FIRST EXPRESS TRUCKING services that you just won't receive as consistently from any other trucking company. Trust your urgent freight to the best and see the benefits.

No matter the size of the load, we've got the YOU FIRST EXPRESS TRUCKING services and transportation options to handle it. We effectively handle wide loads, mega size loads and urgent freight such as industrial machinery and plant equipment. From loads that need to go across the nation we're ready to help.

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