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YFE Global is committed to advancing the communities where we do business by continually creating both economic and social value.

YFEGlobal's Decision to Acknowledge Social Values
Modern society is undergoing significant transformation as a result of scientific and technical breakthroughs. To more accurately characterize the interaction between business and society, new paradigms are needed. As a result, businesses must now evaluate their influence on affected communities and members of the general public in addition to their customers, employees, and shareholders.

At YFE Global, we understand that businesses must now take into account the social value they provide for the larger community in addition to the financial returns they generate for shareholders.

YFE Global's Social Values

Social businesses are seen by YFE Global as highly specialized and successful entities for resolving social issues. To increase the viability of these organizations and to make sure they continue to optimize the creation of social value, we think for-profit businesses can play a crucial role in supporting the social enterprise ecosystem.

CSR is quickly losing its relevance as a value-creating factor. According to YFE Global, it needs to be replaced by a company strategy that is built around generating both financial rewards and positive social effect. This innovative concept is based on the notion that both of these goals can be achieved concurrently and steadily and that they reinforce one another. The best example of this strategy is YFE Global's Double Bottom Line.

YFE Global is addressing the presumptions underlying contemporary business practices in an effort to maximize social value. With a variety of external stakeholders, we are experimenting with shared infrastructure models to develop creative solutions that more effectively fulfill distinctly defined social and commercial objectives.

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