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Bogo Trailers Korea Now Partners With YFE Global

27 Sep 2022 - by YFE Global Admin

Write a bio for each team member. Make it short and informative to keep your visitors engaged.

Freight rates in free fall on major trade lanes

29 Aug 2022 - by Eugene Goddard

Spot rates for container freight on main lanes between leading Northern Hemisphere markets are in free fall, with demand continuing to slow and rate depreciation following in its wake.

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Antwerp could help Dar es Salaam get ahead

27 Sep 2022 - by Eugene Goddard

In yet another ports development for East Africa, it has been reported that Europe’s second-biggest port, Antwerp, is about to come on board in a partnership with Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) with the aim of improving efficiencies at the Port of Dar es Salaam.

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Felixstowe Port workers down tools again

Today 12:15 - by Lyse Comins

Workers at the UK’s Felixstowe Port have downed tools for the second time in as many months over a wage dispute, again threatening to send shockwaves throughout the country’s supply chain.

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