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Bogo Trailers Korea Now Partners With YFE Global

27 Sep 2022 - by YFE Global Admin

Bogo Trailers Korea works with YfeGlobal to enter the US market in order to expand the scope of their sales region, and as a result, they establish Bogo Trailers USA.

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Bogo Trailer USA ....YFE Global's new partner to success

Bogo Trailers Korea is renowned for producing trailers of excellent quality and reasonable prices that are sold to nations in Asia. YFE Global was able to obtain the official documentation to be partners for retail sales and trading of bogo trailers as a USA official reseller of brand-new trailers following several extremely productive and insightful discussions with top management of bogo trailers korea.

Bogo Trailers is an expert in creating automobile components that are tailored to the various requirements of the shipping sector. Years of expertise and excellent craftsmanship contributed to the company's success, and at this time, they are able to produce more than a hundred custom trailers for various demands that are all of the highest quality and are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.


With the support of YFE Global and its substantial clientele, Bogo Trailers will now be marketed to the rest of the world. Raging between custom-built and brand-new trailers Flat-bed, Goose-neck, Step-deck, and other types.

Be certain that under the name Bogo Trailers USA, YFE Global will be selling trailers produced by the excellent firm bogo trailers.

Contact Bogo Trailers USA:

(310) 707 5707

bogousa new.png
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